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      Wow, everyone, here we are!!!!! It seems like a long time ago that we discussed the last episode; back in the spring. Life has been VERY weird ever since, but we are so lucky that Supernatural was finally able to film the last two episodes. Other productions have since been paused in Vancouver due to a backlog of covid tests awaiting processing. But Supernatural got it done – one of the first productions to start back up at the CW.

      And following those last shooting weeks online was both sweet and VERY difficult (dismantling of the Men of Letters set almost killed me). I still fear for the finale – what they have planned for us. But we’ll go through it together!

      And we’ll talk about it HERE on the new platform!

      This episode looks to be part happy, part sad with Sam and Dean getting to magically celebrate all the holidays they missed as kids (or do it in the way they wished they could have). I cannot wait to see Sam and Dean again, with new stories, even though I hate knowing there are only 7 left.

      Let’s talk about it!

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        Hey, Y’all!!
        I’m excited about tonight, but sorta dreading it at the same time — sigh!


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          Hey, JBB 🙂

          Selfishly, I’m glad and relieved that Supernatural was able to finish filming. I’m relieved that every body stayed safe, too!!

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            Hi, Guys 🙂

            This one was kinda “meh” for me. I didn’t have high hopes going in, but there it is.

            I liked that there were so many light moments, but it started to drag for me a bit. I looked up at 30 minutes in and found myself wishing it was closer to being over. Dean was too silly too many times. I felt (again) beaten over the head by the Sam-Eileen thing, and I knew the “good times” were too good to be true. As they’ve done so many times before, the writers came up with some funny ideas, but they just dragged out for a little too long.

            Jack fans, don’t read this next part:

            I am SO sick to death of Jack!!! Pouting in your room? Seriously? Boo-hoo. And Sam is right, I think Jack is hiding something. I think he knows all of Billie’s plan, and it involves doing evil things that Dean, Sam and Cas will try to stop him from doing, which is why he’s not telling them about it. He’s lied to them before, and he’s probably doing it again. Dean seems to not trust him completely, and I’m sure he’s right again. By the way, Jack is NOT allowed to use Dean’s line. NOBODY else gets to say “Sonofa**tch”. Ugh!

            I like Mrs. Doubtfire wood nymph! She’s fun. And she bakes. And she knew Jack is “off” (and possibly evil). I knew she was too good to be true, though. I wonder if the “trials” Billie is making Jack perform are changing him and making him more evil, like the tablet trials changed Sam while they were slowly killing him.

            Anyway, I was hoping these last seven episodes would be stronger, but so far this one gets a solid C- from me.


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              Did anybody else think it was odd that Mrs. Butters was happy to keep a picture of the guy who tortured her? And the rest of the people in that photo were content to turn her from a powerful, mystical being into a glorified housekeeper, but she seemed genuinely touched to get the photograph. I get that she came to accept the Men of Letters as family, but wasn’t she tortured (or brainwashed) into thinking that?

              Side note — I was happy to see Magnus again, but I was hoping they’d tie up the loose ends of his story. The last we saw of him, Dean had killed him, and the Boys had left his invisible fortress and his collection of monsters to fend for themselves. I guess that loose thread will remain.

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              I loved seeing a new SPN episode so much that I was ready to forgive A LOT. And there was a lot to forgive. It started strong. I loved Dean’s wonder at the (temporary) good luck. I couldn’t believe they spent so much on all the different set decoration for the holiday montage! I wish we had had a lot more in-depth snippets of holiday celebration – opening Christmas gifts, talking around the Thanksgiving table, setting off Fourth of July fireworks – as if they were really creating some memorable moments. All of that went too fast and was too superficial. I thought Mrs. Butters was really good casting and very believable as a sympathetic creature. The hunting montages to show how easy it was were too brief and not that necessary – coming home covered in blood would have done the trick. Sam’s date – okay, but distracting. I never like it when a character we know is implied but not seen – like Eileen here or Crowley in the trunk. But I too thought it dragged in the middle when Dean and Jack were locked up. We were told WAY too many times that Mrs. Butters wanted to protect her family. And the call-back to the Christmas episode with Sam tied up getting his fingernails pulled out by a creepy housewife type felt like a re-tread all these years later. I give it a 4 out of 10. Jack? I saw the smoothie roofie thing a mile away. I do like Jack, but he wasn’t used well here. I would have cut short the part that dragged and added a ton more to the holidays. This is likely the last light-hearted one we’ll get.

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                  LOL!!! I love “smoothie roofie” HAHAHAHA!! Good one, JBB 🙂

                  And you’re absolutely right about the call back to the creepy Krampus gods in the holiday episode pulling out finger nails. I thought about that, too ]- especially when she kept admonishing Dean for using bad language.

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                  Whoohoo, we’re BAAAACK!!! One more time!!! NEW EPISODES!!!! It’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving and Birthday all put together…..oh, wait…..this episode was, too!

                  But seriously. I am super happy and super sad all at once, too. DREADING the end!!!! But excited about what we are getting to see along this last ride on the dead end road.

                  AND JBB – The site looks AMAZING! Great job giving the old girl one more lease on life. I know it was a challenging job and it’s very much appreciated that you took that on.

                  Regarding the episode:

                  I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!!! (Sorry, kate38)

                  The idea that the bunker could be so much more was brilliant! Cool little teaser and great sneak peek into the special features like monster radar and an inter-dimensional whatever-ma-jig!!! That could’ve come in handy dealing with the different worlds!! Knowing the MoL of old were mostly chauvinistic pansies I fully expected a spa or hot tub, but ok. Also very fitting for the MO of the old school Men of Letters that they obviously didn’t have any issue of powering up their secret fortress by brainwashing and enslaving of a more powerful being and using her mothering nature to their advantage. NOT COOL DUDES!

                  I loved Mrs. Butters and the actress who played her.

                  I’m glad Sam at least was skeptical at first and it all seemed to good to be true, but I then completely loved how both Sam and Dean totally let themselves fall into the provided care and support. Like suddenly having a Grandma run your household. Especially for Dean who’s so food motivated this must have been a DREAM.

                  I didn’t mind that we got to see them happy and silly for a good while.

                  Personally I wasn’t crazy that Christmas was part of the mix as the ONE Christmas we’ve ever seen them have is SACRED to me (as sad as it was), but ok, of course Mrs. B would do Christmas for them. (I could’ve done without the silly night gown! I don’t see Dean going that far unless in cartoon form!)

                  OF COURSE something like this had to be too good to be true! But I love that they found a way NOT to kill her, but to set her free and give her a second chance at life. Afterall she only did her job and was forced into it by false pretenses!!! Sad to see the bunker back to Standby mode and I really hope it won’t completely break down before the end but it was the right thing to do to let her go. And which ever forest gets her as a guardian probably needs it badly in nowadays world!

                  I also loved the fact that everything is “back to normal” now because it makes everything the Winchesters have and will accomplish that much more impressive! They don’t need no stinking Wood Nymph to save the world! They are enough.

                  I’m also glad that Jack and Dean had a talk and especially glad that they did NOT completely solved the tension yet!!! Killing Mary was a BIG deal especially to Dean and I am happy that they allow that to breath and run its course. Making the cake at the end felt like another nice STEP to signal forgiveness but not a clean slate yet.

                  I wish they would find a better way to show Jack dealing with having his soul back than to just mope alone and fixate on killing Mary as his only sin?! But it didn’t bother me enough in this episode to make the rest less fun for me.

                  To me it was a great “welcome back” episode, but I wonder if it would have seemed out of place it right after the Galaxy Brain if the season would have just run on its regular schedule sans pandemic?

                  Still as funny episodes go, I very much enjoyed this one.


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                  “The inter-dimensional telescope – Dean didn’t see anything and Mrs. Butters said that was bad – I assume Dean didn’t see anything because God has destroyed all other worlds/dimensions?”

                  That’s what I thought, too. I was hoping for more of an explanation, but I don’t think we’re gonna get one.

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                    Not that I’m in any way on board with the Sam-Eileen thing (it feels forced, cringy and annoying to me), but are we to infer that something “happened” during their date? Sam leaves wearing a tie, but returns home without it?

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                      Hahaha, I love when we all have different opinions!

                      The Holiday Montage SHOULD have been a little more in-depth, yes. It would have been nice to have Mr. Butters ASK the boys what they WANT to celebrate. And I would have liked a couple of sentences about each.

                      The hunting montage I found HILARIOUS because each started with a kicked in door and the entrance became more and more impressive. Also as a big fan of the movie “Cabin in the Woods” I LOVED Dean’s quote on how easy it was “BING….Vampires” hahaha

                      I thought Mrs. Butters’ dedication to an abusive relationship with the old bunch of Men of Letters was very 50’s housewife and therefore read as realistic to me. Yes, she was a powerful being but also a caretaker by nature so I guess they had a fairly easy time to “reprogram” her after the Thule already experimented on her? It was probably the better of two evils for her to be appreciated and told she was an important part in an operation to save the world versus being a captive and tortured by Nazi necromancers. So I can understand her fervor in wanting to protect the bunker and “her boys”.

                      I can forgive the cringy Sam-Eileen date thing, but I found it illogical that if Eileen is “in town” that she wouldn’t stay at the bunker….so from that angle I wish they would have sent Sam out on some other errand. And I think Eileen would have beaten Sam over he head with the cheesy red roses!!!!! But that’s just me.

                      I also appreciate how Sam immediately caught on to how to best handle Mrs. Butters’ after he returned. Smart instinct to play along even if it didn’t end up as planned.

                      I was VERY WORRIED for the bunker there for a hot minute when Mrs. Butters made the instruments go crazy and the pipes steam.

                      I hope the Winchesters don’t have to move out of the bunker now because it’s fallling apart!!! I still want the bunker to be there, waiting for the next set of hunters, if our bunch won’t be able to stay there permanently….after the end.


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                        Hey kate38,
                        I’m pretty sure we are to believe that Sam and Eileen were dancing the horizontal tango, yes!
                        After the Sam and Dean phone conversation how it had been awhile for Sam….


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