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    October 9, 2020 at 10:34 am #2838

    Hahaha, I love when we all have different opinions!

    The Holiday Montage SHOULD have been a little more in-depth, yes. It would have been nice to have Mr. Butters ASK the boys what they WANT to celebrate. And I would have liked a couple of sentences about each.

    The hunting montage I found HILARIOUS because each started with a kicked in door and the entrance became more and more impressive. Also as a big fan of the movie “Cabin in the Woods” I LOVED Dean’s quote on how easy it was “BING….Vampires” hahaha

    I thought Mrs. Butters’ dedication to an abusive relationship with the old bunch of Men of Letters was very 50’s housewife and therefore read as realistic to me. Yes, she was a powerful being but also a caretaker by nature so I guess they had a fairly easy time to “reprogram” her after the Thule already experimented on her? It was probably the better of two evils for her to be appreciated and told she was an important part in an operation to save the world versus being a captive and tortured by Nazi necromancers. So I can understand her fervor in wanting to protect the bunker and “her boys”.

    I can forgive the cringy Sam-Eileen date thing, but I found it illogical that if Eileen is “in town” that she wouldn’t stay at the bunker….so from that angle I wish they would have sent Sam out on some other errand. And I think Eileen would have beaten Sam over he head with the cheesy red roses!!!!! But that’s just me.

    I also appreciate how Sam immediately caught on to how to best handle Mrs. Butters’ after he returned. Smart instinct to play along even if it didn’t end up as planned.

    I was VERY WORRIED for the bunker there for a hot minute when Mrs. Butters made the instruments go crazy and the pipes steam.

    I hope the Winchesters don’t have to move out of the bunker now because it’s fallling apart!!! I still want the bunker to be there, waiting for the next set of hunters, if our bunch won’t be able to stay there permanently….after the end.


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