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    November 17, 2022 at 2:08 pm #28383


    I was just wondering, it seems like my account is gone. I haven’t deleted, did you kick me out, lol? I’m going to comment without for now. Maybe someone can let me know, what happened to my account and if I should register again.

    About the episode. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot (positive) to say. I really couldn’t get into the episode.
    I liked the Ada part with her son, but otherwise I just felt the episode was boring. Maybe that is because the episode did again more focus on the John and Mary love story. I don`t get how that should be interesting. There is no arc of supense as we know that they will become and stay together.

    I’m also not really impressed by the way Mary is portrayed, the acting skills of Meg Donelly are not really convincing. She might me a nice girl and great in Disney children movies, but her portrayal of Mary just doesn’t work for me.

    I also felt the special effects weren`t that great in this episode.

    So unfortunately nothing has changed. I still want to like the show, but I`m not convinced. I hope that they will soon include some characters from the original spn and that will make the show a bit more interesting.