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    Dr. Sexy Minister – LOL!!! Speaking of cameos, did you guys recognize the storefront from “The Mentalists”? Such fun!

    YAY!! Finally, another case in New Jersey 🙂 Well, they didn’t exactly make it to New Jersey, but I appreciate the mention. And yes, I-76 can be a bear with traffic jams!

    Overall, this episode was pretty good. I liked the case – “Saw” meets “Seven”. It was creepy and kept me interested. I gotta say, from the Benders to Thinman and beyond – humans make the creepiest villains.

    I LOVED seeing Cas get a little bit of his mojo back! I’ve missed our badass seraph.

    Jensen was amazing (as usual) in that scene with Emily. He just sells emotion SO well! I completely believed them both. Amara gave good explanations for why she brought Mary back, and Dean’s rage and sadness were palpable. I’ll say it once more for those in the back of the room – Jensen deserves ALL the Emmys.

    I don’t want to keep harping on Jack, but I have to say this. I KNEW Jack was lying and hiding something. I’ve also been pretty sure for a long time that Billie’s plan will kill him if he goes all the way. Of course, Cas will probably die trying to save jack, but that ending is predictable, so I hope it’s something else. I don’t want Cas to die, but I fear he will.