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    November 19, 2022 at 8:22 pm #28848

    I desperately want to find something positive to say about this episode, but I have to do some yoga stretches first…sigh

    What I liked:

    I still love the chemistry between John and Millie. Millie is so sincere and credible as John’s mother. Their conversations were the highlight of this episode for me.

    I like Ada’s son. Good actor, interesting character with a lot of potential.

    I don’t mind the slow build toward finding information about the Akrida, but I hope things start to move along pretty soon. I also want to see Samuel and Deanna before I reach retirement age. Ugh!

    Okay, what I didn’t like:

    How could they mess up djinn lore that much!!!??? I get that a djinn ended up NOT being the monster they were after, but the description they gave of how djinn operate was totally off! Nothing about feeding on your body fluids while your actual body wastes away? Even if we go with the revised djinn lore from seasons 6 and 8, it was still wrong. And not for nothing, but what exactly were they expecting to DO when they got to the abandoned factory if they’d actually found a djinn?? They had no weapons, and nobody mentioned knowing how to kill one.

    The Scooby-gang vibe is getting annoying. I hate that they actually drive a Mystery Machine psychedelic van, and that ALL FIVE OF THEM went to interview the campaign manager. It would’ve made more sense to only send two of them. It feels like the cast is too large, so the writers don’t know what to do with everybody. (Can you see my eyes rolling?)

    Is it me, or was the gang kind of callous when they found out about Ada’s son? It felt like. “Sorry I kept it a secret, but I have a son and he’s half djinn.” “Well, sorry right back, but we’re gonna hunt your son down and kill him. Let’s start rooting through his personal stuff so we can find him. Hey, Ada — are you coming with, or what?” WHAT?!??! Where’s the empathy? Ada actually had to ASK if she could have a moment with her son before her buddies hunted him down. Really?! Side note – I like the actress who plays Ada and think she did a great job in that scene.

    I’m having difficulty liking and connecting with most of these characters. Many of them feel like “filler”. And the actress who plays Mary is not doing if for me. Aside from her eyebrows bordering on being a unibrow, she just doesn’t seem to believe her own performance. John, Millie and Ada are turning into the only characters I like. That’s pretty sad.

    Bullet counter moment: that “x-ray” that supposedly showed the brain trauma was actually a brain scan (probably an MRI –I don’t think that technology was around in the 1970s, was it?). An x-ray can’t look past a skull fracture or surface injury. It definitely can’t show you the actual brain. Were the show’s technical consultants on vacation when this episode was being filmed?

    I love that John was so willing to help Mary through her nightmares. But I couldn’t help getting that “Death’s Door” vibe, when Rufus helped Bobby find his worst memory. I was hoping for more originality from this show.

    Finally, at the very end, when John said he’d give Mary the motor cycle, did anyone else think she should’ve been more…grateful? Or at least more hesitant to accept such a grand gesture? This motorcycle is one of the few things John has to remind him of his father, and he’s willing to GIVE IT TO YOU! Where’s the recognition of John’s generosity and sacrifice? That just makes Mary look more shallow and not well thought-out as a character.

    I’m not sure if it’s just the writing or a combination of things, but if this is the best they can do, this show is in real trouble.


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