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    November 19, 2022 at 8:47 pm #28856

    I knew as soon as Bobby told Sam to “lose his number” that Bobby was not himself; he had to be possessed.  No matter what, Bobby would never say that to Sam.  I loved that scene though. Sam was so sorry and so disappointed at what Bobby said. Jared did a great job.

    Kate, your comment about Ruby just cracked me up – enjoyed watching her get stabbed again. She was not the best Ruby. Katie Cassidy was.  (Still can’t believe she’s 70’s teen idol Shawn Cassidy’s somewhat estranged daughter!!!)

    Nick (Mark Pelligrino) was great here. He was perfect casting.  THIS is what I love about early SPN (like the pilot) it was SO SAD and SO DARK and SO TRAGIC.  Obviously Nick was hardly holding it together and something horrible happened to his family and he was knocking around in the house alone.  His wife more recently played the mother on “Prodigal Son” (an over-the-top rich woman divorced from a serial killer) and it was fun to see her here. She did great as Lucifer too!

    I too loved original Chuck and he was great here.  He had bits of angel in his hair!

    I. Like. Becky.  I always found her funny and enjoyed that they were poking good-natured fun at us.  That they KNEW about wincest fan fic and some crazy fans and wrote one in. Very meta. Becky touching Sam and saying she can’t stop will never not make me laugh. And the fact that she’s entranced with Sam and disappointed in Dean (thought he’d be taller) is, to this Dean girl, utterly hilarious. That whole scene of her with Chuck on video chat where she gives him a big lecture about not being crazy and she knows fantasy from reality and then is thrilled that “It’s all real.” – I love that scene as well.

    I love Dean’s defiance in the face of Zachariah. Even when he’s NOT 100% sure of himself or how close to physical harm he might be for mouthing off – he keeps mouthing off and THAT’S DEAN and I love it.