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    “If you go “Seven” on this one, how was Connor a liar? How did that slip of a girl overpower the LUST guy and truss him up like that?”

    Hey, PNP “)

    Wasn’t Conor gay and pretending not to be? Maybe that’s what the murderer meant by “liar”. And I just assumed that the girl knocked people out to overpower them. She could’ve wacked the lust guy in the head to knock him out, then he wakes up tied to the bed.

    The more I think about JBB’s theory (that the crossroad demon was working with the girl), the more sense it makes. Someone else mentioned that maybe Cas used his “crossroad” deal to get the demon to take the girl someplace other than to prison. I personally think she SHOULD go to prison, because she killed people. But I’m cynical, so there’s that. 🙂