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    October 16, 2020 at 8:09 pm #2923

    “I did not love them leaving Sam out in the car though (????). Really, leaving Sam out of most of this.”

    Hey, JBB 🙂
    When I saw that, I remember thinking it was another one of those days that Jared had off so he wasn’t on set. Like that ridiculous scene when Jared is holding off monsters by barricading a door all by himself because he was clearly the only one on set.

    However, the writers seem to be making a point of leveraging this connection that still exists between Dean and Amara, so I guess it made sense to me that Sam isn’t part of that. I was a little befuddled, because Dean and Sam initially said they were heading to New Jersey to confront Amara, but then — when Dean and Amara were alone — Dean said he’d never hurt her. So I was confused by that. Was Dean simply intending to have a conversation with her the whole time? It didn’t seem that way from the tough talk at the bunker and in the car. I mean, they KNOW they can’t kill her, so maybe it was their plan all along to simply try to convince her to help them.
    I think I’ll have to watch those scenes again.