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    Very creepy monster! I liked this case. I also liked the episode in general. The baba yaga is a real monster, too – some sort of Slavic, child-eating monster. Pretty cool.

    Whoever wrote this episode seems to not like Dean very much. I don’t think Dean would’ve been that much of a jerk about the college booklet. The same nurturing, protective Dean from “After School Special” wouldn’t have behaved that way. He wouldn’t have called Sam a “dumba**” and said there was no way he’d get into college. Dean always knew Sam was smart, so that doesn’t make sense. Also, Dean was very quick to dismiss the case. That doesn’t seem like his style — especially since he had history with Caitlin. And Sam was right at the end of the episode – he and Dean seem like they should be past keeping secrets at this point. I think Dean would’ve told him sooner about the Billie/Jack plan. It might just be me, but this seemed like a Dean-negative episode.

    I tend to like the wee-Chester episodes, because they almost always reveal something we didn’t know about these characters. But this one didn’t do that for me.

    A few confusing points:
    1. In the opening teaser, Travis looked OLDER than Dean and Sam. So, I was surprised in the flashback when he was a few years younger. Couldn’t they just have found a younger actor to play adult Travis?

    2. When the kids were trying to use a map to locate the missing children, Sam used Milk Duds to mark the abduction sites, but he was sitting right in front of a cup that held pens and pencils. Why wouldn’t he just use one of the pens or pencils?

    3. Billie said that Jack agreed to the suicide plan because he wanted Dean’s forgiveness for killing Mary, and he thinks sacrificing himself is the only way Dean will forgive him. But Jack made the deal with Billie when he was still in the Empty and didn’t have his soul. He didn’t feel remorse for murdering Mary, and even blamed Mary herself for what happened. It doesn’t make sense to me that he’d make that deal with Billie so Dean would forgive him, because at the time he made the deal, he wouldn’t have cared.

    We’ve seen young Travis before. I think he was a kid named “Max”, but I can’t recall the episode. Anybody got that one? He looks vey familiar.

    Anyway, I give this one a solid A-minus. Good story, creepy monster, Billie appearance, and it moved the main plot forward.


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