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    October 22, 2020 at 11:53 pm #2972

    Ok, PISSED OFF!!
    I wrote a whole reply and it disappeared!
    I’ll rewrite it tomorrow.


    Basically I loved it and agree with much of JBB’s. Including that I found it very true to character for young Dean to be worried about Sam leaving him for college and snapping at him for even considering it! And then he kinda sweetly tried to get back in Sam’s good graces by telling him what a good team they made.

    Kate38, regarding your point:

    “Billie said that Jack agreed to the suicide plan because he wanted Dean’s forgiveness for killing Mary, and he thinks sacrificing himself is the only way Dean will forgive him. But Jack made the deal with Billie when he was still in the Empty and didn’t have his soul. He didn’t feel remorse for murdering Mary, and even blamed Mary herself for what happened. It doesn’t make sense to me that he’d make that deal with Billie so Dean would forgive him, because at the time he made the deal, he wouldn’t have cared.”

    I understood that as something Billie said to Dean to get DEAN on board as she knows well that Dean understands and respects selfsacrifice!!! After all Dean killed himself to attract her attention and bargain for Sam’s live with his own.
    I don’t necessarily think Jack actually said that !

    And regarding “After School Special”. I always thought THAT was a somewhat Dean critical and negative episode. Yes, Dean was protective of Sam and offered to set the people straight who had beaten up Sam BUT didn’t he do that when he was feeling a bit down and slighted by his own class after the two girls he fooled around with called him out on double dipping!! To me that moment of offered help always read more to me as an attempt for Dean to set his own record as tough guy right with the school. So to me that really wasn’t a stellar young Dean moment!
    SPN Christmas young Dean, while also rough at a couple of spots, was wonderful trying to create a cool Christmas for his little brother.