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    You make some excellent points, JBB.

    Lata is very “one-note”. That’s a great way to put it. It’s annoying that she always has the answer. I might be able to tolerate that better if we saw her actually work to get any of those answers. We saw Bobby drinking coffee and whiskey into the late hours, and even pulling all-nighters to come up with a monster identification or a weapon or whatever. Lata seems to just “find” the right book and suddenly she’s reading x-rays and giving the gang an answer.

    Carlos is pretty one-note, too. He’s comic relief and not much more. Can he even fight? I was a little encouraged by his story in the PTSD episode. I was curious if he and John might start bonding over their mutual war experience. But nothing grew from that. Instead, the writers are trying to show us awkward chemistry between John and Mary. But that isn’t working for me, because Meg seems disconnected from her performance.

    At one point, the entire cast was in their “club house” (Yes, that annoys me, too), and they were all “talking” to one another, but it felt like they were just reciting lines and not engaging with each other. I don’t know – maybe the cast needs more time to gel, but I’m just not feeling “it” at this point.