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    November 26, 2022 at 8:10 pm #30805

    Love the music choices in this one — “Long Way from Home” in the recap, and “Spirit in the Sky”! I MISS all the classic rock that used to be in the early season episodes!

    Interesting question (in retrospect, of course): When the boys were children, Bobby is the one who gave the amulet to Sam to give to John; he told Sam it was “very special”. Dean wore that amulet every day for YEARS – did Bobby forget what it was for?

    I love ANY time we get to see Rufus, even if he and Bobby didn’t have any screen time together. “In my experience, demons come at you slower if they’re in a body with no limbs.” LOL!! I also really like the choreography of Rufus’ fight with Dean on the porch. SO entertaining to  watch!

    I like the scene between War the horseman and “Save your protests for your brother.” It really exposed the motivations behind Sam’s behaviors and choices in season 4. In a more global sense, it forced Sam to admit to himself that the whole thing about killing Lilith was just an excuse, and that it was really about Sam’s desire to feel powerful. We see even more exposition in “Fallen Idols” when Sam admitted that being with Ruby made him feel in charge and powerful, so that was one of the reasons that he chose her over his family.

    That final scene on the mountain is one of my favorites in the whole show. Not only is the scenery spectacular, but the brothers are both being honest with each other, which was refreshing after all the turmoil in season 4. Sam finally admitting his issues, and Dean finally admitting that he has been trying to pretend that Sam is okay and that their relationship isn’t as broken as it is. And both brothers accepting that – at least temporarily – it’s better if they aren’t together. I love how Sam touches the Impala one more time, as if he doesn’t think he’ll see her again. And Dean’s expression when Sam walks away is heartbreaking. I can never watch that scene just once.