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    “Simple Man” is the first song I ever learned how to play on guitar, and this opening montage is the moment I fell in love with that song. I love everything about that montage – the parallels between the brothers’ lives is SO well done! And that final scene when Dean looks over at the empty seat where Sam should be…sigh…the first time I saw that, I got a lump in my throat.

    I NEVER, NEVER get tired of seeing Dean and Cas together! I am NOT a Destiel person and I think the idea of Destiel is absurd, but the natural chemistry between these actors is undeniable. The “personal space” and brothel scenes crack me up every time.

    I do miss how powerful angels used to be in the early seasons. One archangel manifests, and it blacks out the entire east coast. And being inhabited by an archangel is supposed to leave you a drooling mess, but somehow Dean and Nick both escaped that fate.  I also miss when Castiel used to be a bada&#, and when Luci used to be somewhat frightening. I get that the writers had to power down the angels a bit, but they ended up being almost completely different characters — and not in a good way.