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    I’ll have to rewatch, but this one was weird.

    The part I enjoyed most was the crying, hallway scene between Dean and Sam. It made perfect sense and was well written and acted.

    I love Rachel Miner, so that was another part I enjoyed. I also like Emily Swallow, and like how Amara tried to come to humanity’s defense. It reminded me of Metatron at the end of his story arc.

    I hope Cas doesn’t die. And it feels like they’re setting up a showdown between Chuck-Amara and Billie. That might be interesting.

    The weird and negative stuff sorta spoiled this one for me:

    I don’t get how somehow Sam and Cas came up with a spell to bind Chuck in the bunker. OR was that simply part of Chuck’s illusion so he could convince Amara that the Winchesters had betrayed her?

    Although I agree with Dean that Jack is not family, it feels like the writers tried too hard to introduce last-minute conflict and drive a sudden wedge between Dean and Sam. And Dean suddenly pulling a gun on Sam also seemed over the top. He might throw punches, but pulling a gun?? Are we supposed to believe that was Chuck’s clunky writing again? By the way, Dean got SOOOOO much hate on Twitter for saying Jack is not family. The truth hurts, I guess 🙂

    Adam and Serafina were just plain weird — like over-the-top, cut back on the hallucinogens weird. The Adam’s rib thing was a nice reminder that these writers do remember something from the bible. But, again, it felt like the writers were trying too hard to do something with Adam and Serafina. It didn’t work for me.

    Next week looks pretty intense. I hope it’s a good one.


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