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    November 26, 2022 at 8:30 pm #30811

    “The opening sequence of this one is perfect. Them apart…kind of mirroring each other actions but doing completely different things. Sam slicing lemons in the bar and Dean slicing open a vampire. Sam cleaning the bar and Dean cleaning the blood off the Impala…all with “Simple Man” playing; it’s one of my favorite opening or montage scenes of the entire series.”

    You’re right, JBB. That opening montage is Supernatural perfection! The only one I might enjoy more is “One Way or Another” in season 6, when the brothers are trying to encounter hazards so Fate will try to kill them. That one was hilarious :). But, “Simple Man” is the perfect choice for the montage in this episode.

    Wow, funny that you remember that shirt from the Christmas episode. But of COURSE you would, because that ep is one of your favorites. I remember it from “Metamorphosis”, when Dean confronts Sam about using his psychic powers. It is a very memorable shirt.

    Like you, I had a question about the holy oil scene. They “stole” a patient and set up that circle at sunrise; then, they were presumably at the hospital all day, because it was night time when they got back to the house. What kind of crap hospital doesn’t notice a patient MISSING for a full day? To answer your question, I suspect setting up another circle at the house was a backup plan in case the hospital thing didn’t work. Just my guess…

    I didn’t really like Lindsey — I don’t know if it was the actress, the character, or both. I agree with you that the scene when she told Sam about her addiction seemed very genuine. Aside from that, I found her too pushy and overbearing. I get that she liked the guy, but something about the way she pursued him was a turnoff for me.

    I liked Demore Barnes (I think that was his name) as Raphael, too! When he spoke, he was almost robotic and very creepy. Nicely done!