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    Regarding Dean saying that Jack is NOT family…..he didn’t completely outright dismiss Jack as family in this episode, which I appreciated. Yes, he said it, but he also said “not like Sam or Cas” which to me means that there are levels of family and that is believable to me.
    I do believe Dean CARES about Jack but I also understand that he doesn’t love him the same way he does Sam or Cas. Jack hasn’t been around long enough, proven himself enough, had too many ups and downs in his short existence already AND killed Mary. There’s a lot of stones on the negative side of the scale for Dean here.
    I get all that.
    STILL, Dean was right by Jack’s side when he goes down in the bunker and that shows clearly that it’s not all black and white for him.

    Dean is complicated and I appreciate that it’s a consistent character trait. There is ALWAYS another layer to him.