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    November 6, 2020 at 7:13 am #3295

    I have never been on board with The Empty but it would have been scarier if you truly couldn’t escape. And Jack was there and back in one episode last night! So what’s the threat?!

    Also, the fans who see Cas’ love for Dean as romantic seem very happy that he got to get his feelings out in the open. But even if you see it that way, this great love is unrequited and that’s sad and not a great message in my mind. Say your truth just before you die/disappear when nothing more can be done?

    And I too, like some others on Twitter, was upset Dean didn’t answer Sam’s call. I guess the implication was that he was too devastated over Cas, but it’s SAM in a very dire situation out there with Jack with only plans that might work (and didn’t). Dean has always put Sam first, even ahead of his own feelings. He would have answered.

    In some weird way were the writers trying to say they’ve both lost their love interests now????