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    December 10, 2022 at 3:58 pm #33344

    What can I say, maybe I had to high expectations for this episode with all that had been teased before. I was really looking forward to them finally finding the dads, I always liked Henry in Supernatural and was looking forward to seeing him again.  I was hoping there would finally be an explanation for the canon differences to the mothership. At least a little something. But I must say I was quite dissapointed by this episode.

    Not much has changed, there is not one character I really care about. I like some of the characters, but I do not love them, I do not really care.  Not like I cared for Sam and Dean since episode 1. Maybe I’m expecting to much. I agree with all you have said about Mary, or better about Meg. I have never been the biggest Mary fan in Supernatural either, but I had sympathy for her. But Meg’s Mary is just annoying. And there is no chemistry between her and John at all.

    For me at least the motw part was ok. I also liked the glimpses into Carlos history. But this is pretty much everything I felt positive about.

    Something what also keeps bothering me is, that Dean doesn’t sound like Dean. I never thought I would say that. But I would rather not have Jensen narrating this. At least not if he doesn’t sound like Dean.

    Now I hope the second part of the season will get better. Hope dies last.