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    December 10, 2022 at 7:30 pm #33357

    I remember thinking the first time I watched this episode that Jessica must be Sam’s conscious talking to him and I felt so bad for him. Having the person you loved and still miss a lot really playing on your guilt and fear of your own darker nature and casually accusing you of getting her killed is brutal. I thought Jared played the mix of believing her words and still hoping to escape what he fears is his fate really well.

    And at the very end when we find out it’s been Lucifer all along….that was a nice unexpected twist of the knife in the gut. When Sam still thinks it’s Jess, he looks so longing, it’s sweet! And I do like that he is MORE convinced that he CAN change and redeem himself than at the beginning of the episode.

    PERFECT montage at the beginning to Simple Man. I agree with you both! The editing is SUPERB!

    (LOVE SAM in the light gray v-necked tshirt!!)

    I MISS awkward Cas!! He was SOOOO much more fun to watch at the beginning. He really got too human and soft for me in the later seasons. Here he is perfectly puzzled by humanity and still a little scary in his quiet power. And his slightly stiff manner and stilted choice of words was also perfect. And his lack of pop culture knowledge was endearing and funny. SIGH. I mean lines like “Where have you been?” “Jerusalem” “Oh, how was it?” “Arrid”  – come on….it’s GOLD!

    Dean and Cas working a case together was quite entertaining. I loved the whole talk to the Deputy at the police station!

    Lindsey IS ANNOYING. I have nothing against a strong female who knows what she wants and goes for the guy, but the way they wrote her was too college student flirty and nosy. She didn’t fit the pattern of other girls Sam was interested in so far and I didn’t see him responding to her with anything but friendly indifference. She’s way too pushy, kinda demands personal info about Sam she has no right, too, even when he CLEARLY wants to keep to himself…. All that made even the better scene with her telling Sam about her sober journey kinda flat for me. However, I do appreciate that she stayed pretty calm and collected amidst the fight with the other hunters! I am glad she wasn’t made into a screeching damsel in distress.

    I always thought, although funny, that the brothel scene was a bit of a stretch. Nice that Dean wants to get Cas a fun experience, but I don’t see Dean actually frequenting a brothel himself. He doesn’t have to!! Dean fucking Winchester doesn’t PAY for sex. However, I DO like that nothing actually happens and the girl who takes Cas with her actually kicks him out. HEHE.


    Raphael is very intimidating! Another QUIET presence that radiates power and an utter disregard for humanity it seems. I actually love the fact that angels we see caught in a burning ring of holy oil DON’T freak out or look around in a panic, because they KNOW it’s pointless and it shows how unconcerned with time they are. They can wait there, for help or whatever else might happen to disrupt the fire. Even if they have to wait til the floor crumbles from age….they have time. HA.


    I LOOOOVE when Dean gets righteously PISSED at beings so much more powerful than he is and who he knows could kill him in an instant because these beings act carelessly about the earth and the people on it!!!! Dean CARES, so much, about everyone else but himself, and these moments always remind us of that core value he carries all the time. It is AWESOME to watch Dean talking to Raphael and heartbreaking at the same time. (And Jensen is a master at bringing this to life).  And I love seeing some of that rub off on Cas.

    DID Lucifer bring Cas back???

    I’m not a big fan of the whole fight with the returning hunters. How would they have gotten the idea that Sam would “hulk out” after drinking demon blood? From the demon the caught and tortured? Why would that demon say that? The whole thing always seems to me like a labored plot point of trying to show us that NOW Sam can withstand temptation of the blood. And even that really doesn’t work for me as he didn’t really make a choice. They forced the blood into his mouth and he spit some of it back out. OK. But that doesn’t read like an active turning away from it to me. And I didn’t believe for a minute that Sam would have actually killed the other hunters. So it didn’t work for me either that he looked at Lindsey and then lets the hunter go. Anyhow…didn’t like that scene much.

    I know that Dean says he’s happier without Sam at the end, but I don’t buy it. He has less of a burden worrying about Sam all the time, that is true, but I understood that to not just mean the past fall out over the demon blood, Ruby and the Apocalypse, I think he meant it’s a relieve not having to worry about Sam at all for a bit because he’s been looking out for him his whole life. And this separation was one they BOTH wanted and felt was best. So there isn’t guilt on Dean’s part for leaving Sam OR anger about Sam leaving him. It’s just a break in a way they haven’t had. And having a little break every once in a while is good for ANY partnership.


    Mark Pellegrino was SO GOOD as Lucifer in the beginning!!! Again, with the quiet, gentle, calm from a powerful angel!! It makes him SO scary because you can understand why people would give in to his argumentation.

    I also think Jared is fantastic in this scene. Sam looks completely shocked to find out that he is Lucifer’s vessel! Shocked and dismayed. When he just was convinced that he had a chance to change and not give in to whatever darkness he carries, now he finds out that he was supposed to be cast as the major bad  in the apocalypse? It’s devastating. And you can feel all that from Jared’s performance.


    GOOD episode! Season 5 got real intense real quick!