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    December 10, 2022 at 7:50 pm #33359

    Yeah, this one, especially after the AMAZING “The End” was pretty much a throwaway episode to me.

    I do appreciate that Dean and Sam take time to grow back together, but it was a little heavy handed in this episode. I get that Dean needs time to trust Sam again, but this seemed to go a little far at times.

    I also didn’t really like the message of worshipping the “wrong idols”. I mean, here we are FANS of this show and definitely worshipping all to do with it….are WE going to be eaten by a monster for it?

    And the idea of old world gods who are taking their own dues because they are no longer fed by the adoration of their followers was also not new in SPN….HELLO, CHRISTMAS EPISODE.

    Paris Hilton….what odd choice! I was never a fan of hers or understood why one would be….but I do have a little more respect for her now hearing about her absolutely horrendous adolescence.

    Anyhow…the supposed humor in this one fell flat for me, too.

    And Sam digging into the corpse randomly and coming up with the seeds was just silly.

    And NOONE is unconscious and standing up like that when tied to a tree.

    Well, the episodes can’t all be winners.

    The only decent scenes to me where the Sam and Dean talks about making some changes. Sam taking full responsibility, but also asking for leeway to grow up. They were heartfelt and real feeling conversations.


    That’s all I have to say about that. 🙂



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