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    November 12, 2020 at 9:48 pm #3396

    Going to write this before I read comments. My main feeling at the end of tonight’s was “okay, that did not suck”. Now, I am grading it on a not-so-great-season-15 curve and considering it was written by Brad & Eugenie when I say that.

    I did not like:

    The appearance of Lucifer (and teasing Cas fans right before). The final TRUE end of Lucifer and Michael in one episode felt crammed in. (But damn do I love Jake Abel’s acting!!!).

    That I did not FEEL this. It definitely kept my interest the whole way – MUCH more than last week – but it did not make me feel. I cried back when Metatron killed Dean, felt euphoric when Dean killed Zachariah – I felt no strong emotions here.

    Sam and Dean did not hug when they reunited at the start.

    I hated the use of Running on Empty when they WON and it should have been MUCH more kick ass like Back in Black.

    I and many others long ago predicted that Jack would become God. So that was almost expected.

    The montages of locations around the world being repopulated were too long.

    The fight scene with Chuck and Chuck repeating the same lines over and over (“guys, give up”) went on way too long.

    The flashbacks explanation of everything we just saw AND UNDERSTOOD was insulting. Aside from explaining that Jack was acting as a cosmic energy Hoover all along.

    The names on the table should stay only initials! J.K. and I think it would have been pretty touching if they’d made Cas a Winchester and carved C.W. (bonus network name reference!)

    Very much disliked the time filler montage parade of characters which I guess was to illustrate “all we’ve lost” but it would have been more effective to me if they’d ended with the toast in the bunker and maybe the shots of them driving in the Impala.

    I liked:

    That they won.

    That they outsmarted God and all the archangels.

    That Dean got himself a beer at the bar when they were the only humans on earth.

    That they laughed at God’s plan.

    That Jared and Jensen were not at all shaky in the roles after a 6 month hiatus.

    That the bunker survived.

    That Jack has a good heart and basically said our godliness resides in ourselves.