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Long ago, I said they’d die (I thought/hoped together) and they’d go to heaven TO THE ROADHOUSE and everyone they loved would be there to welcome them. Which would have been exactly what happened if not for covid.

So in many ways it was exactly as I expected, not what I wanted, and beautifully executed. It was so beautifully done and acted that I cannot hate it.

It did kill me that:

Dean did not get more time to live life free from Chuck. That was wrong.

Sam alone in the bunker made me nauseous. Thank God for the dog or I would have wanted to kill myself watching Sam sit alone in Dean’s room where it looked like he’d come back any minute or cooking breakfast alone where the toaster made him flinch.

After everything, Samm just let Dean go. Are we to believe Sam learned his lesson about making deals, finally? But after ALL they’ve gone through, this felt like Dean survived the war only to be killed in a minor car crash – a run-of-the-mill hunt.

Sam holding the Impala steering wheel like he could FEEL Dean driving in heaven was so painful and beautiful but the makeup (or lack thereof) there was so bad – a cardigan and a wig??? – that it took me out of the scene a bit.

AT LEAST Dean didn’t have to do anything but go for a drive, because time is weird in heaven, before Sam lived 50 more years and showed up.

It felt wrong to me to separate them for that long because, I agree with Kate, that Sam’s life would never have been truly happy without Dean.

What did Sam die of in the end?

I know that, realistically, Supernatural is not going to give us a happy ending. I know that. But am emotionally very not okay with Dean dying young after ALL he’s given, though my wife said it had to be that way because Dean would want Sam to go on and have a chance – but he did not even die FOR Sam. I have a problem that he died pretty much by accident.