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Patrick the ancient witch was great casting here. So good. I really wanted to watch him every second he was on.

I loved this story. Playing poker for years of your life. Such high stakes. Bobby wanted to play to turn back time so he could walk but he lost…and aged…then Dean won Bobby’s years back but lost a bunch of his own…then Sam won his back.

Along the way, we hear how Bobby has really been feeling and it’s heartbreaking! I loved the speech Dean made to Bobby at the end about how much he is needed. Bobby looked uncertain at the very end, but he promised Dean he’d stick around.

I liked the compelling girlfriend to Patrick too! ┬áThe dilemma of living forever; of outliving those you love and your children…then just wanting it to end instead of enduring more loss. She was compelling.

Chad Everett who played old Dean died in 2012 at the age of 75 (so he was 73 when he played old Dean). I remember when he died and I was sad about it because I thought he did a great job here. One of my favorite Supernatural moments is when “old Dean” is trying to crack the safe but he can’t see clearly and Sam says it’s like “Mission Pathetic”. Loved that.

Loved that Sam won at poker by “playing the other person”. He’s slowly also showing US he’s not the little brother anymore.

Just a really excellent episode all-around. A great stand-alone, even with far too little Jensen. I give Jared huge credit for acting with a guest actor JUST LIKE he acts with Jensen.

Funny when old Dean tried to pickup the hotel worker and she just said he was so cute like her grandpa.