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    December 28, 2022 at 6:47 pm #35383

    HA, how funny. I see it completely differently! I truly find this an ICONIC episode!

    I have heard Jared and Jensen say at cons that filming this was great fun because it was so different – like a fun break.

    I LOVE this one and the way that Kripke and Co. clearly swiped at some of the very popular, but silly and absolutely less-than SPN, TV shows out there. Maybe as a way to protest that shows like Grey’s Anatomy and CSI kept winning awards while SPN was shunned?

    It’s also VERY INTERESTING that some of the shows they make fun of (Grey’s Anatomy and CSI) are STILL on the air now….lol…  They chose them really well, I guess.

    And Knight Rider will always be known, I guess…or is that just our generation? Younger fans….please chime in….does Knight Rider mean anything to you?

    I am glad they clearly picked David Caruso to mock for CSI Miami!!! Sorry, but I always HATED that show and that character and ridiculous way he behaved…exactly as made fun off by Sam and Dean here! WELL DONE.

    I also love the game show bit, because to me it pokes fun at how desperate some game shows have become in trying to invent new “interesting” games AND how idiotic the contestants are to subject themselves to these silly games.

    Of course, Sam and Dean don’t have free choice here….or…do they? It’s also an interesting conundrum.

    The commercial is also really funny to me, because really MOST medical commercials are sooo ridiculous in what they actually show us vs what they are about.

    To me it all works and has a deeper criticism behind it.

    You know…one thought that was new to me this time around: Watching this for the umpteenth time now….it suddenly occurred to me that I would have found it more reasonable if DEAN would have suggested trying to talk to the Trickster instead of Sam! Sam was truly traumatized from watching Dean die so many times and his six-month hunt for the Trickster thereafter! I find it more unbelievable now that SAM would come up with the idea to possibly cooperate with him.

    Anyhow, I LOVE this one. It’s so creative, funny (of course), intriguing and really timeless!! What amazing feat!

    And just when we think “ok, the Trickster’s still a dick and not to be trusted” to find out that there is so much MORE to him!!! WOW. What a reveal that is! Good on Dean to figure out that he’s an angel. Even if he didn’t figure out the whole truth.

    I love the change that RSJ brings to the moment when Gabriel reveals his name. You see a real shift there from taunting lightheartedness to gravitas and seriousness. Well done.

    Only SPN can pull off an episode where you laugh your ass off the whole way through and end on such heavy note!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE when Dean gets pissed and snarky at impossible opposition!