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    December 1, 2020 at 10:15 am #3703

    YES! About the acting! I also never questioned them being brothers though they looked nothing alike because they acted like brothers from the very start. I remember thinking that even the widower (husband of the woman in white) was great casting back then and did a great job in a small role. They have always been great with casting!

    I also loved how considerate Sam finally had enough and just told the woman in white “I’m taking you home” after the attack and drove the car into the house (which still surprises me even though I know it’s coming).

    I also thought long ago that this pilot story was pretty depressing – the children basically getting revenge on their own mother. I thought that was different because it was so dark. And my wife, watching it this time for maybe the first time was actually quite creeped out by it for about a day – the image of Mary and Jess burning on the ceiling; kind of bothered her and it’s so “normal” now to Supernatural fans after all these years – but it was so arresting it’s what got me to start watching from the first promo before it even aired. It still, apparently, sticks with people.