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    December 23, 2020 at 10:25 am #3986

    Out of the first 4 of S1, this is my least favorite. It just didn’t really DO much for me.

    Yes, that slow pan up Dean’s sleeping body is glorious and has been posted a trillion times on Twitter and everywhere else ever since.

    HA! – PigNaPoke – never noticed the taking the lid off the coffee thing! Is it caution? Or waiting for it to cool down?

    I also didn’t like the use of the EMF detector (????) if they knew they were looking for a demon. That’s only for ghosts!

    I was charmed by Sam always talking Dean down. Again; the brother trust is there from the very start. Dean actually gets on the plane because Sam talks him into it in spite of being terrified of flying. Sam keeps his cool – which seems nuts when they aren’t even sure if the exorcism will work and they KNOW they will die in a plane crash if it doesn’t!

    I did like the shocking moment of the demon possessing the pilot talking directly to Sam about Jessica; knowing that the “things”/creatures KNOW stuff about him is really chilling.

    There were some good things about this one; good shots; challenging. But overall it did not grab me.

    The final scene where they realize that John has put a permanent “forward to Dean” on his voicemail is really touching as neither of them know what it means; if he’s dead, doesn’t want to be found, etc. Sam teared up hearing it.