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    January 28, 2023 at 9:05 pm #40006

    Stedan; yes, it seems like they are getting further from the show we know and love…not explaining some missing piece which is what I somewhat expected The Winchesters to do. I also kind of now hope it is some kind of alternate reality that Dean goes back in time to stop so that we end up with what we know instead of this.

    I like figuring out a mystery (and always enjoyed episodes of Supernatural where we are figuring it out along with Sam and Dean), but I agree that it’s frustrating to have so much strangeness (with the monster and not knowing where in time Dean is narrating from) and no explanation until the very end.

    Some folks online were saying that Loki was the REAL Loki…and by having him trapped in a mirror now, forever (which was weird but I’m sure probably part of existing folklore?), that would allow Gabriel to “hide” as Loki later. I don’t know.

    I agree with Stedan about the viewership. I don’t think they are helping themselves build a fan base by not sticking to canon, by keeping us in the dark about where and when this is taking place (AU or real world and where is Dean narrating from?) and there are such large breaks between episodes there is no real “flow” to it. It does not have enough of the feel (horror and darkness) of the Supernatural we all love. So how will it attract that viewer base? It’s kind of odd. And I had such high hopes for Robbie’s writing! He seemed to understand Sam and Dean so well, but given the chance to really fill out characters we didn’t know as much about, it doesn’t feel right.

    All that said, I too enjoyed all the Carlos in this episode. I liked that he was used less for comedic relief and the few comedy lines were very natural and understated (like his “I’ll allow it.”). PigNaPoke; I thought Carlos agreed to the deal so fast ONLY to take the curse off his musician partner friend. Like the Mark of Cain – you can take it from someone else, it seemed, and they were free but it was passed on to you and I felt that’s why Carlos agreed and that was the only reason.

    The Lata “metalhead” moment WAS one of the first times she’s seemed more three-dimensional!

    I do want to know if Dean is back there running around giving notes to his younger dad from heaven? Or from some point in time before he died?