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    Unfortunately I felt differently about the episode.

    I believe that was my least favorite episode so far. It just didn’t work for me. I don’t even know where to start.

    I think what has bothered me most, was that I felt the episode was boring. I mean the center of the episode was the fear that John might die. But we all know he will not, so there was not much left to fear about.

    The fight with the vampires seemed unrealistic and yes I know that a vampire fight is always unrealistic. I’m talking about Supernatural standards. And I’m  not talking just about Carlos the holy water hair thing. That didn’t make sense either, but I could live with that, but it seemed forced to me. Just doing it to show of Carlos. Which imo isn’t necessary. He is my favorite character anyway. But this didn`t work or me.

    I usually also like Lata, but this time she seemed a bit arrogant and know it all to me.

    I agree that the acting of John and Millie was good. But that alone didn’t save it for me. And I still don’t get why they don`t play a bit with the overall arch. How Dean is connected to all this. I believe waiting till ep. 13 for that is not a good idea. I hope I will like next episode better again.