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    • journalbookbinder
        January 30, 2023 at 1:48 pm #40174

        The preview blurb says this one will have vampires in Lawrence! I have been craving a TRADITIONAL Supernatural monster since The Winchesters started! Let’s see what they do with it.

        This has been brought up already many times online, but in SPN we are told that Henry Winchester was from Normal, Illinois. And yet this takes place in Lawrence. Unless this whole thing turns out to be a thwarted AU timeline, that one bothers me.

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      • journalbookbinder
          January 30, 2023 at 1:48 pm #40367

          I liked this episode better than some. I am glad to have another episode that has nothing to do with the Akrida. That monster has not, so far, interested me at all and I feel no real “end of the world” threat from it because there was no build-up to give it urgency. It’s too “video game” with the space crickets and not scary to me. So I was glad that this one focused on a traditional SPN monster.

          My favorite parts were the scenes with Millie and John. I continue to think that their acting is superior. Millie DID buy in to this whole hunting life pretty quickly, though if Henry was a Man of Letters, she knew about it then at least a bit, right? She just seems like a very natural character. SHE makes me feel the emotion of a scene. When she had to zap John, while I felt it unlikely that a mom could do that to her son, she made me feel like she was really against the idea. I wish they had just FILMED that plan in real time; not shown us as a flashback. I rarely like that technique. Having Millie zap John in real time would have been very dramatic. Where did Millie go once John was dead? Just hid somewhere?

          I liked John’s problem solving on the fly. When they were locked in there I thought it was going to be something silly; like he “happened” to have or find some dead man’s blood. I did NOT see it coming that he would offer to die in order to buy time for everyone else to get there and save them! That might be the first time in this series that I was impressed with a character decision; that it was unexpected and gave me a better insight into John’s reckless nature (or protective nature; trying to save his mom). The actions of the characters in this show haven’t surprised me in a good way that much. This did!

          That was a long time at attempted CPR! Done the 70’s way with the breathing into the mouth (no longer taught as necessary) – so good detail there. I guess it went on and on to make us think maybe he had died; but of course we know he didn’t – unless it was an alternate reality. Or perhaps they let it go on to show Mary’s emotional desperation of John dying? It would have been effective to have something change in their relationship in a major way right after that; like she now realizes HOW invested she is, having almost lost him. She did say that she’s now willing to consider the future as long as he’s in it. Maybe that was the breakthrough.

          I do like the traditional SPN tactic of having a prophecy, then finding yourself IN that prophecy no matter how hard you try to avoid it. The best SPN example of that would be Monster at the End of This Book where Dean tries to do everything the opposite of a prophecy and it still ends up following that prophecy. Here, with the red carpet, it was sort of a traditional SPN thing to do – he still ends up there. John is very cool about dying! I have to say that! He seemed very accepting of it! Then actually volunteered! But I do enjoy that sinking feeling when they pan to the carpet in the vault and it’s red. They ended up right where they tried not to end up. Very “Supernatural”.

          I did like the angle of the vampires stealing a map! To find a way into the bunker. Instead of just stealing the amulet they wanted. The amulet story was a bit convoluted…the vampires wanted the amulet to tell them who to “turn” next? Did I miss something there?

          The conversation with John and Millie while doing research in the bunker felt so natural. I can’t say it enough. When a lot of conversations on this show have NOT seemed that way. When he does the motion for cutting off the head of the vampire, it just seemed like two people talking. In reality. Drake is a natural.

          Another good part was getting to see Carlos actually BE a badass hunter and decapitate some vampires. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for that. The hair thing? Sorry, that was almost laughable to me. It would have made sense if they were somehow without any other weapons and it was their only option, but with the van right there and where was the holy water water gun? I don’t know; I guess it photographed well because Carlos’ hair is gorgeous (and we always seems to like our characters getting wet!) but as a hunting move? Seemed ridiculous to me. Other than that? Loved Carlos completely in this one. I’m starting to “get” his character and his personality and I like it.

          There was a moment of natural dialog that felt really real with Lata too…at the end when she and Carlos are bickering about how Carlos had a feeling that Mary and John were together. When Lata says “Get that blade out of my face” as she and Carlos are bickering and Carlos is gesturing with the machete. It didn’t sound at all scripted and that was great.

          I could get on board with Lata more if she wasn’t “the assistant”. She’ll do the research (still annoying that she finds all the info they need in every episode!), she’ll put holy water on your hair…I want her to have to DO something. Or, as I was wishing with Carlos, give me a really good flashback to tell me WHY she’s anti-violence in general.

          Mary. Sigh. I still don’t think she’s up to the task. I just never believe her! Her look changed here (as did John’s) – more makeup; looking older. More moving towards the feathered hair we saw in the Supernatural flashbacks to THAT Mary played by Amy Gumenick. They tried to make Mary a badass in this episode. I just DID NOT BUY IT. First of all, even Sam and Dean would act like they had been injured when being thrown by a monster. Mary just pops back up. She’s TINY and these things are powerful and she just is THAT good that she can take on at least 5 BY HERSELF? It was filmed well; very dramatic with some of the slow-mo, but it didn’t feel dangerous to me, it felt RIDICULOUS! Her expression of determination – I can SEE Dean doing that expression on his way to save Sam and I never doubted his emotion for a minute. Here? I don’t know, it’s just not working for me yet. Did others feel it was more intense or effective? There were a few times where the vampires seemed to conveniently wait for her to decapitate them! There were many moments in that fight sequence that I didn’t buy.

          One exceedingly stupid moment…they go to the locker room in the “clubhouse” (I hate that they call it that!) and go to the right locker based on the initials of the box that was taken and Mary says, “There’s the amulet; just like the one the vampires are after.” Okay, HOW does she know THAT’S the one they’re after? I can go with them following the trail of the initials to the locker room (and I do like that this MOL bunker is kind of vast like the SPN MOL bunker!!!), but to immediately know that the amulet is THE ONE? Nope! Did Lata find a drawing of it or something first? Did I miss that? Is that how they could ID it?

          I did like the addition of the possibly ongoing story line of John and Mary’s ex’s teaming up to try to figure out what John and Mary are up to. That seems like a good real-life threat like the FBI chasing Sam and Dean. I liked that part.

          At first I thought the vampires were a bit comical or overacted, but when I thought about it, that’s pretty much how many of them were on Supernatural so they were staying consistent.

          I find it hard to believe that suddenly John and Mary are a couple! The pacing of this is so weird to me! Make Mary a closed-off woman who can’t be bothered with a relationship…then one kiss…now they’re together??? I would have liked to have seen some of the steps in between! There was that one aborted kiss at the end of the last episode when John got distracted by the photos of Dean…what happened after that? Did they talk about it at all? Or just jump into a physical relationship? That was far too sudden from Mary not allowing herself to go there and John wanting more to what we saw last night.

          Dean. The narration continues to not sound like something Dean would say. “I’ve danced with free will” …. DANCED? Dean just does not talk like this! His narration is very cryptic. He didn’t know it would go this way when he “pushed over that first domino”??? I know they want to keep us guessing, but mostly it’s just annoying me! Where is he? When is he? What is he trying to accomplish? I’m not saying tell us that all up front, but give us a bit more as we go along!!!! I guess we’ll learn what it’s all about 5 episodes from now in the last one of S1. But I’m not charmed by the narration and would like it more if there was no narration. Dean can pop up in photos, etc., but I’m not a fan of the narration.

          Overall, I liked more in this episode that I disliked. John and Millie and Carlos were the standouts for me.

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        • journalbookbinder
            January 30, 2023 at 1:48 pm #40396

            Oh my God, how could I forget that Carlos got to kiss his boyfriend onscreen! That was a lovely little moment. And I like that the boyfriend then played hard-to-get with Carlos who thought HE was holding all the cards by not calling the guy back. Really liked that scene.

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          • Stedan
              January 30, 2023 at 1:48 pm #40712

              Unfortunately I felt differently about the episode.

              I believe that was my least favorite episode so far. It just didn’t work for me. I don’t even know where to start.

              I think what has bothered me most, was that I felt the episode was boring. I mean the center of the episode was the fear that John might die. But we all know he will not, so there was not much left to fear about.

              The fight with the vampires seemed unrealistic and yes I know that a vampire fight is always unrealistic. I’m talking about Supernatural standards. And I’m  not talking just about Carlos the holy water hair thing. That didn’t make sense either, but I could live with that, but it seemed forced to me. Just doing it to show of Carlos. Which imo isn’t necessary. He is my favorite character anyway. But this didn`t work or me.

              I usually also like Lata, but this time she seemed a bit arrogant and know it all to me.

              I agree that the acting of John and Millie was good. But that alone didn’t save it for me. And I still don’t get why they don`t play a bit with the overall arch. How Dean is connected to all this. I believe waiting till ep. 13 for that is not a good idea. I hope I will like next episode better again.

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