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    January 1, 2021 at 11:16 am #4210

    I promise I won’t rant about Sam in every episode, but damn. For a person who hates being lied to, Sam had no problems whatsoever lying to his friends – including telling Becky that Dean was a cop. I get that they wanted to help Becky and her brother, but is that the best story he could come up with? Becky knew Sam was pre-law at Stanford. Wouldn’t that have been enough to gain her trust?

    Aside from the family therapist in season 14, have we ever met a shapeshifter who wasn’t buckets of crazy?

    Speaking of shapeshifting, did they blow the special effects budget or what? That scene when we see Dean transform is pretty impressive (and not just because of shirtless Jensen, either ;))

    I thought it was interesting that the neighbor’s dog went nuts when the shapeshifter showed up; and stayed that way — like he was transformed somehow. That piece of lore fell by the wayside after this episode, but I wish they’d kept it. There were so many little tidbits from the early seasons that got discarded, like using the smell of ozone to detect spirit activity. They add such color to these stories. To me, it’s a shame they weren’t used longer.

    I think this is an historic episode. Is this the first time Sam gets knocked out and tied up? LOL!

    This was one of the few episodes when the music in the iTunes version is better than the music on the DVD. I think the song that plays when Dean is changing is called “Mary”. It’s one of my favorite songs from the early seasons, but it’s in the iTunes version — the song on the DVD is different.

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