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    • journalbookbinder
        December 30, 2020 at 11:09 am #4127

        This week it’s Skin. I remember it to be very creepy and with even more insight into Dean as the Shapeshifter reads his thoughts. I’m looking forward to rewatching this one.

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      • kate38
          December 30, 2020 at 11:09 am #4210

          I promise I won’t rant about Sam in every episode, but damn. For a person who hates being lied to, Sam had no problems whatsoever lying to his friends – including telling Becky that Dean was a cop. I get that they wanted to help Becky and her brother, but is that the best story he could come up with? Becky knew Sam was pre-law at Stanford. Wouldn’t that have been enough to gain her trust?

          Aside from the family therapist in season 14, have we ever met a shapeshifter who wasn’t buckets of crazy?

          Speaking of shapeshifting, did they blow the special effects budget or what? That scene when we see Dean transform is pretty impressive (and not just because of shirtless Jensen, either ;))

          I thought it was interesting that the neighbor’s dog went nuts when the shapeshifter showed up; and stayed that way — like he was transformed somehow. That piece of lore fell by the wayside after this episode, but I wish they’d kept it. There were so many little tidbits from the early seasons that got discarded, like using the smell of ozone to detect spirit activity. They add such color to these stories. To me, it’s a shame they weren’t used longer.

          I think this is an historic episode. Is this the first time Sam gets knocked out and tied up? LOL!

          This was one of the few episodes when the music in the iTunes version is better than the music on the DVD. I think the song that plays when Dean is changing is called “Mary”. It’s one of my favorite songs from the early seasons, but it’s in the iTunes version — the song on the DVD is different.

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        • journalbookbinder
            December 30, 2020 at 11:09 am #4278

            Perhaps the first big inkling about how incredible an actor Jensen is. Wow. Totally believable as both Dean and some creature (what a pitiful creature!) pretending to be Dean. Just – amazed me to see it again. He’s so incredible. Always. I loved how Sam knew immediately that Dean wasn’t Dean (but played along with the shifter until he could get a weapon on him). Sam’s so smart!!! Though did get tied up in this one – I too thought it was the first “Sam gets tied up” but it was very far from the last!

            I had no problem with all the lying. 🙂 It’s the job. Good point Kate that it seems Becky would have trusted Sam already.

            I also agree with you, Kate, on the details – the dog was interesting and all those little bits of lore just got ignored later; if only they had stuck with it and built on it more than they did!

            The monster was so sad! Crazy, yes, but it was interesting here to see a monster that wanted to “talk it out” with a human a bit (when he was trying to get sympathy from Becky) – only going off the rails when she rejected him (sadly, all too often a real-life problem when an unstable person is rejected). It made the monster more interesting than “just” a vengeful spirit, etc. I loved the hint at monster complexity here.

            And Jensen was just SO DAMN GOOD. I missed the “ick” factor of Supernatural in the later, more glossy years. Loved the piles of skin and all the gross stuff in this one (it really was gross). The super close-ups of the shifter changing were great and disgusting. BTW, it seemed like the shifter shed its skin between being Dean and…being Dean – did I miss something? I wanted the pile of skin with every shift and something didn’t add up for me with that in-depth shifting scene. It was Dean…then it was still Dean?

            Anyway, a good one.

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          • PigNaPoke
              December 30, 2020 at 11:09 am #4370

              Great acting in this one and very interesting insight into Dean’s issues, but over all it’s one of my least favorites of season.

              I thought Becky was STUPID and quite a b#$@% . Happy enough to accept help, then kicking them out and then letting “Dean” back in…why?

              Shifter’s are also not one of my favorite monsters. All that GOO….ICK! And I also think that the shifting process should make them really vulnerable at that time and that was never taken advantage off.
              BUT I give it that…super freaking creepy effects with “Dean” ripping his skin off and loosing teeth and nails.

              Still the whole thing left me kinda cold.

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