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I remember not loving this one. Maybe because it’s so sad? I still don’t love it. Everyone getting their loved ones back only to have to lose them again. It’s all so unfair and sad. And the reasoning behind it, to me, is sketchy at best. Death chose Sioux Falls, SD so that it could “get to Bobby” – so that Bobby’s late wife Karen could kill him and therefore he’d be out of Sam’s life and not there trying to keep Sam from saying yes to Lucifer? Aren’t there easier ways to kill off Bobby for “Death”? Or was this the best way because Bobby is a hunter and won’t just allow any demon, etc. to get close to him to kill him? It seemed like a kind of “out there” premise.

The interactions between Sam and Dean and Bobby are great. At the very end, Sam asking him, like, three times if he was going to be okay. I was like, “Get a clue Sam, this was a big deal for Bobby, stop asking!!!!”.

I do love the intro of Sheriff Mills. What a great unexpected touch that she KNOWS Bobby’s voice when she calls the “FBI director” in order to check out who Sam and Dean are! I love her no-bullshit ways. I always wondered if her playing off Bobby and how she knows him as “the town drunk” was just an act…that maybe she already knew what he was into (obviously they shared the info about their dead relatives returning?). Maybe in a future re-watch episode I’ll be reminded if she knew or not.

It was nice to see Sam and Dean on the same page, even if it was about killing Karen!