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    Sadly I have to agree with PigNaPoke. Unfortunately now 2 episodes till the end, I have to realize that not just this episode, but the whole show isn`t really working for me.

    My biggest problem is that I dont feel for the characters. Not sure if it is the acting or the storyline, but I just dont really care about them.

    I also feel that there is no golden thread through the story. I get that they said everything will be revealed in episode 13. But until then nothing, no hints, no clues. If they think that once in a while a pic of Dean is enough to make it interesting. I dont think so. At least not for me. I think that not revealing with what is actually happening till the finale, might even have worked if they would have included the audience into the journey. But just patching patching together random storylines with no backround to the overall arch isnt working.

    The Lata story didnt work for me either. I first thought I might have missed something. The app didnt let me watch it this time, so I had to watch it on another platform and the audio was pretty bad. So I thought I have missed something. I just didn`t get what was so dark on this secret. Of course it is terrible what happened. But is just that Lata made an unintentional mistake and her parents are cruel assholes. Probably trapped in obsolete traditions. How is this on Lata ?

    Of course I hope that the finale will bring a big bang, but I`m not sure that that will be enough to keep my interest for the show. If it gets another season.