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    January 15, 2021 at 8:34 pm #4355

    LOVELY CREEPY episode!!! I never heard of Bloody Mary growing up in Germany, we obviously had different legends, so this was a new one for me back in the day and has remained a favorite Urban Legend for me ever since.

    I also liked the continuation from Phantom Traveler of having another being revealing something to Sam about Sam!! I agree, JBB, it’s really unsettling having a stranger or a monster in their case knowing too much about you and revealing it to you like this. It also makes us as the audience get insight into Sam’s rising tension and stress about his secret that he’s carrying around and wondering when he’ll snap.

    I agree with what both of you already said – great effects with Bloody Mary’s appearance and weird movement, great scenes in the Antique shop’s mirror room, great cooperation between the brothers to overpower Mary in the end, good quick thinking of Dean there at the end.

    SOLID episode for me.

    I, too, wondered why Dean would have been effected by Mary’s curse but I always thought is had to do with his overall tendency to carry the burden and guilt around for all of the people he COULDN’T save or felt died on his watch. He didn’t KILL them, but he feels responsible for them dying. That was logical enough for me.

    I for one don’t hold it against Sam to keep his secret at this point. OF COURSE, I would have LOVED the brothers to always be on the same page and honest with each other, BUT that would have gotten pretty boring at some point. A dynamic back and forth of issues and secrets and stress and guilt and so on just makes for better storytelling. I can appreciate that. AND it makes the times that they ARE on the same level and work truly TOGETHER all the more sweet.

    The way I see it here is that Sam feels guilty and horrible for NOT having had a chance to save Jessica. He beats himself up internally for having failed her. And he isn’t ready to ADMIT that out loud to the one person he always looked up to and who’s opinion of him actually matters to him. He doesn’t want to hear and see that Dean is disappointed in him, so he keeps it close to the vest for the time being. I can appreciate that.

    BOTH had screwed up reasons for keeping secrets through the seasons. I do think it’s pretty evenly split between them on who lied to whom. I do believe that it was never done maliciously, but always with the OTHER’s best interest at heart. Often misled, YES, as they would have been so much better off dealing with most of the crap together, but understandable in the way that they always tried to protect each other.