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    March 1, 2023 at 8:56 pm #43688

    WELL….I should’ve guessed….Clowns, creepy or otherwise are not for me….ever.

    I didn’t hate the case, though. I thought it had interesting elements and a high creep factor.

    Of course, then there were also dumb parts.

    Like the local library having a book about the American Lore of the Carnival?! Unlikely. But then they always find exactly what they need….which is still annoying.

    Mary running into the tent without John was STUPID. There wasn’t a need for it either. John was just down the next aisle.¬†She just doesn’t behave like an experienced hunter to me.

    The gang was out of town, right? They were at a motel after all. So, HOW did Millie find them so easy in the middle of an empty field?

    I didn’t mind the tension between John and Mary. I thought some of her arguments about how John uses their new relationship as a happy distraction from his anger and grief issues was valid to me. Even though, the context about how that is like the clown case was very labored.

    Drake looks damn good!

    I did find Lata’s terror trying to get away from the clowns and her freaking out in the clown car FUNNY!

    I also enjoyed that it was Carlos talking the kid into facing reality and breaking the spell! That’s normally Lata’s job…but she was preoccupied…screaming. LOL.

    I didn’t like that after the spell is broken the gang all casually checks in with each other, but no one checks immediately on the kid! Sam and Dean would’ve done so!


    The Rowena story line was VERY dubious to me. For one, I really enjoyed Ada so far, because she was capable and resourceful but this episode she seems so timid and incapable somehow. I didn’t like that.

    Since when can Rowena just appear and vanish at will? Where did she come from? Or WHEN did she come from? She said she needed the demon in the Bonsai to get information about her son. So that means she must have come from the future, because she only found out about Crowlely having anything to do with Hell in SPN season 10, right? When after that did she not know where Crowley was? Or is she looking for Crowley after his death in the AU? She did use purple magic here, which she only got after her Unbinding, correct? Which was Season 13 right after Crowley’s death.

    Anyhow, we won’t know, I guess, but that made her popping up unsatisfying to me. Sure it’s nice to see Rowena, but without a proper tie in to the SPN show, it seems like just another “fan service” cameo.

    And, of course, she had the convenient answer….sigh.

    The witches “club” or whatever that was felt gimmicky and uninteresting to me. For one everyone in there looked like in a 1920’s speakeasy….why? And the makeup was so Cabaret to me, it distracted.

    They could have come up with a better way to introduce Rowena. She was obviously looking for Ada (and the demon)… need for the elaborate plot line of a witches poker game. And IF you go that way, than make it MORE over the top….like them playing for something bizzarro, like kittens or whatever.

    Also, do the MoL warded doors keep out witches? I guess so?


    OK, now they have a weapon against the Akrida Queen that costs Ada a piece of her soul? SIGH…..kinda boring to me….because “been there, done that”! Didn’t turn out so good for Jack.


    Still overall I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would from the previews.