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    The first scene is masterful right out of the gate! Dean recognizing the hunter’s voice is so very very “Dean”, and he turns on the charm, trying to talk them down. The way they blow Sam away is so very violent. If anything, I would expect a bit more of a complete panic response from Dean and you can see the desperation in his face, but I think he needed to lose it a bit more here than he did. And then they kill him too. Reasonable reason though; no, you would not want Dean on your ass after killing Sam. You’d be a dead man yourself then, no doubt.


    I thought it was PERFECT that Dean DOESN’T lose his shit when Sam is shot. To me it is absolutely chilling that Dean is so calm. He’s clearly pissed that this happens right then, but he also immediately seems to believe that “this is it” for him as well. His composure here is showing that to me. Now Sam’s dead, Dean is outgunned and doesn’t see a way out, so his natural response is to want to die as well, not to be left alone in the world. When Roy tries to reason with Walt (or was it the other way around?) to leave Dean alive, Dean goes on it offensive and taunts him, egging him on to kill him, instead of finding an argument to leave him alive.

    It is heartbreaking but also quintessential Dean to me.