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    March 9, 2023 at 10:34 am #44219

    Well, it took a while, but this show finally started to gel for me around episode 10. The clown episode was silly, but the part that focused on John and the search for “mystery man” Dean held my interest.

    I still don’t care about Carlos, although he did have a decent fight scene at the end. Tom Welling just seems kind of tired, but he didn’t have a major role, so I guess that’s okay.

    I’m finally getting some chemistry between John and Mary, but most of that is coming from Drake. I think Meg is doing her best, but her acting is just not as strong as his.

    Millie and John are still my favorite characters, and they were amazing, as always. The Mystery Machine psychedelic van was not in this one — yay! I hate that van.

    I really liked the season finale — and I HOPE it doesn’t end up being the series finale. There’s clearly more story to tell. That’s the benefit of an open-ended finale (sigh…)

    The repeated “alterations” of lore have been bothering me all season long, but now that we know it’s an alternate universe, I’m less annoyed. I trusted Jensen and Robbie, although things got a little shaky for a while there. I think they creatively found a way to alter the story. That can’t have been easy.

    I could point out several moments that impressed me, but mostly it was the overall tone and sentiment that worked for me. The Supernatural finale left many fans emotionally devastated and sad. It left me furious, but negative emotions are negative emotions. Although Supernatural is in the “Horror” genre, it’s always been about hope, defying the odds, carving out your own destiny, and living to fight another day. The Supernatural series finale forgot all of that. The Winchesters season 1 finale did not.

    It’s clear that the two main characters evolved into a metaphor for Dean and Sam. Mary wanted to leave hunting, but was conflicted about that choice; John found meaning in the work and a connection to family that he valued. I love that, at the end of the episode, they decided to tackle their hopes and futures together, and they DRIVE OFF down the road TOGETHER into the unknown. Even the banter is reminiscent: “Driver picks the music; shotgun shuts his cake hole” is clearly metaphorical. I think Jensen is speaking to the fans with his OWN voice this time, and I’m so proud of him and of the message he has for us. It’s the message of hope that we SHOULD have gotten from the Supernatural finale, but didn’t. Kudos, Jensen, for righting that wrong.

    LOVED seeing Jim Beaver, as always! Liked seeing the Colt referenced again, and Dean’s warning to Mary about Yellow Eyes. I liked the connection to the Impala; the fact that we get to SEE Dean’s journal; and the fact that Dean didn’t just swoop in and save the day. Mary saved the day, and sacrificed her life doing it; but Dean saved Mary, which allowed “hope” to survive. That’s just perfect 🙂

    I don’t like jack and was annoyed to see Dean sort of bend to his authority. This is the same Dean who mouthed off to Chuck on a regular basis? But he stood in front of jack like a child waiting to be punished for staying out too late. It was just a sour reminder for me of how much jack’s story took over the final 3 seasons of Supernatural, and how much jack turned Dean and Sam into side characters. Sigh…I didn’t need to see jack again.

    Overall, I found more to like than to dislike. I hope we get a season 2 – even if it’s on a different network.