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    I have mixed emotions about the episode. The episode definitely had its moments. Ive loved seeing Bobby and Jack and of course Dean even when he didn`t look like Dean, more like Jensen.

    But I still dont get why they waited with the revelation that all of this is an AU until the finale. I think I would have enjoyed watching the whole series much more if I had known what I know now. I think I have mentioned it before that I didnt feel for John and Mary, mostly because I thought I  knew  nothing would going to happen to them. But now that turns out not to be true. They actually could have died. So there could have been some tension in the episodes, why didn`t they use that ?

    I liked the reason why Dean is doing all this, but this whole Akrida storyline still doesn`t really work for me.

    Dean not looking like Dean was bothering me a bit too. I get that that was more a logistical problem of Jensen, but does it make sense that a dead man technically without a body or vessel, grows his hair and a beard ? But I don`t want to sound petty about that. Do you even have a body in heaven ? I have to think about that.

    But what stilll my biggest problem is, because that is more important to me than even the storyline, I dont really care about the characters. I dont care about the John and Mary love story. I`m especially not a fan of Mary. Might be the acting, but I think it is also how she is written.

    Summarized I can say, I have enjoyed the episode, but more for the Supernatural eastereggs than for the Winchesters content. I think that will probably never be one of my favorite shows, no comparison to Supernatural, but I would watch it if there would be a season 2.