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    January 31, 2021 at 4:03 pm #4503

    This is one of my favorite episodes in season one and also one of my favorites overall.

    But then I am on the PRO Missouri side and always hoped that they would bring her back every once in a while for something – and not just to kill her off!!!

    I enjoyed her snark and willingness to go and help them and found the connection between her and John interesting. That could have been explored some more.

    INTERESTING info, kate, that she was meant to be the “Bobby” character!!! I had never heard that. I sure am glad we got our Bobby!!! I do love Missouri but she is no substitute to him.

    I completely respect your dislike for her, though, Kate! I agree that she was one sided in her chiding of the guys and she was clearly not the strongest psychic.

    JBB, I love your take on it, though. That’s a way I never thought about it and it makes sense to me.

    I also don’t think Dean would have wanted to be called out in front of Sam for being worried enough to have called their dad! Maybe she sensed that, too?

    The fact that Missouri couldn’t sense the poltergeist anymore after the initial banishing ceremony always puzzled me a little, too, but in my head I understood that it might have been only temporarily kicked out of the house by the ritual, but it was too powerful to be completely banished. After all it took Mary’s ghost to sacrifice itself to completely take out the poltergeist in the end.

    Speaking of Mary: I never really paid homage to it but I have to say Sam Smith did a fantastic job in this episode conveying a myriad of emotions with very little time and few lines! When she said “Dean” it spoke of pride and a sense of satisfaction of seeing him grown up. When she said “Sam.” It sounded sad and whistful and regretful. Her “I’m sorry” always meant to me that she apologized to Sam for the deal she struck that ultimately sent Yellow Eyes after Sam. Lots of nuance in her performance. Kudos.

    I also LOVE that this episode gives the Winchesters the box of mementos and photos, many of which we’ll see through the series all the way to the end. Lovely idea and important touch stone for the brothers.

    JBB, I never questioned that Sam would recognize Mary. I thought John surely had at least a couple of photos of her so Sam would have seen images of her?

    kate, I too LOVE the action in this episode!! The lamp chord choking of Sam and Dean’s rescue is awesome and super creepily shot (over his shoulder seeing it snaking up to Sam was disturbing). And the kitchen scene where Dean HEARS the knives before he sees them was amazing and his quick wit and reaction to use the table as a shield impressive.

    kate, another eye opening statement of yours to me is that John came BECAUSE Dean called!!! I never ever thought of it that way! In my head John ignored Dean’s plea for help – why the heck ever!!??!! – and Missouri called him in OR he was keeping an eye on the boys anyway. I guess I could not make it logical to myself that John wouldn’t rush to their aid when Dean specifically asked.
    Now, I think your version is the much more logical one!! John probably did come because of the call and then stayed in the distance because he knows how capable his sons are and he could have stepped in if necessary? OK, I can buy that.

    I love this most of all about our discussion – how many people watch the same show and SEE different things.
    Makes for great conversation.