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    February 3, 2021 at 12:39 pm #4635

    Director Guy Bee said that place was a challenge to shoot in.

    I quite liked this one. CREEPY! My wife even jumped with the Dr. grabbed Sam.

    I thought the shock of Sam willing to shoot Dean was VERY effective. I loved that whole scene actually…Dean obviously testing him and learning a “truth” about how Sam feels. I DO think it was amplified by the possession – not “really” Sam in his right mind. I agree with Kate that it amplified the anger.

    I think this was built up effectively with Dean and Sam’s conversation earlier about John and following orders.

    Loved that the GIRLFRIEND was the one who took the shotgun! Loved the bits of humor too. Jensen was superb with his reactions to everything in this one.

    I also thought that scene where the girl was locked in with the ghost and had to try to face his disfigured face and listen to him was really interesting an effective.

    I could just SEE Dean filing away the way Sam had been willing to shoot him under “useful information” in his mind.