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    February 11, 2021 at 11:13 am #4944

    I thought that too about Dean’s call with John…by the time he got the phone, it was only orders and I too felt bad for him there.

    Hmmmm…Meg also wondered why she had not been allowed to “just get both of them” and it must have been a larger plan (Sam eventually leading the chosen children Army?) and she was called off. At first I thought she was trying to lure him to CA to separate him from Dean and Dean’s protective influence. Or to make him MAD at his family (Meg trying to downplay his ties to Dean and asking Sam why he would even talk to him) so he would do something even more rebellious that Azazel wanted.

    You are right, Kate, Sam chose to stay with Dean every time. It was always his choice.

    Bah! I didn’t notice the boom being moved!!!!