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    February 17, 2021 at 9:50 am #5138

    It really is one of Supernaturals’ best episodes. I LOVE all the gray areas! There is SO MUCH internal stuff about Dean here too; how we really start to see that he does not want special treatment; that he does not seem himself as special at all. If anything, it’s the opposite and he believes he should die instead of someone, anyone else. It’s so touching. Sam’s just excited that Dean is better; willing to take it and not question it much, then kind of begrudgingly admits that Dean is right; something bad is going on here.

    I love that Roy got to be innocent. He seemed like a sweet person who really wanted to do good and I was glad that it was not him with the agenda that his wife had; to punish those she saw as immoral by taking their lives to heal the people coming to see Roy.

    Leila was so very compelling. The ending of this one is amazing. How she basically accepts her fate; has truth faith; and is not mad at Dean in the end of surviving when she will not. It’s like Dean can barely comprehend that kind of forgiveness and it’s SUCH a great scene.

    I have always wished they kept this reaper model. Old man with all the makeup and creepy grin. I guess non one ever wanted to go through the makeup in future years…they pretty quickly made reapers human-looking (Tessa) at least to other humans like Dean when he died; Tessa chose to appear that way. But she was more like a ghost in her real form. I kinda wish they’d chosen a type of reaper and stuck with it. By the end of the series they were just all regular-human-looking people!

    PigNaPoke: Implacable; good word!

    Amen, Dean, on his quote about half the people who think they’re doing God’s work! I’d up the percentage a bit, personally.

    Yes; their contrasting views of faith are great. Sam reasoning that good exists if the bad does, Dean wondering why bother when there’s so much bad.

    Jensen was just so damn good in this one! That scene where Leila is about to be healed and he has to stop it; he even has some misgivings in the car with Sam right before…I know that NOW they know that it’s not a good thing; that some innocent person will die so another can live, but it’s a bit hard-assed of Sam to make Dean go through with stopping Leila’s healing (acting like there is no moral question there; they have to stop it) when he would have done anything to save Dean, including, I believe, going through with Dean’s healing even if he knew it was killing someone else. Then Dean has to stand there in the tent and it’s just such a good scene of him being tortured over having to do this.

    I also thought that Leila’s mom; though harsh, was very realistic.

    I said last week that Scarecrow was my favorite season 1. I can’t choose between that one and this one. This one is just so good too. One of the best.