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    March 7, 2021 at 12:42 pm #5726

    I’ve never thought Supernatural was actually scary. But the Benders is definitely one of those episodes that captures just the right amount of creepiess. The darkness, rain, mud, and general atmosphere are all spot on. And the Benders are utterly disgusting. I really hated them. Humans truly do make the worst monsters, don’t we?

    I like Kathleen a lot. I genuinely felt bad that her brother was killed.

    Who knew! The puppy dog eyes work for Dean, too 😊. I like the scene when he tells Kathleen that he pulled Sam from a fire when they were kids, and he’s felt responsible for him ever since.

    Did you guys recognize Dean’s daughter, Emma, from “Slice Girls”? Love these cameos 😊

    Plot armor alert, PNP: Dean being able to pick a lock using a car antennae, and Dean talking himself out of getting arrested are probably both plot armor. Good thing there was no rebar sticking out of a pillar in that barn (Ooops — too soon?)