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    HAHAHA, I agree, kate38!!!

    WHAT WAS THAT laser ghost detector thing?!?!? I actually laughed out loud watching it this time. It’s BULKY, it’s very “MacGyver” looking and WHAT in the world was it supposed to do?! Show evil energy? Ghosts? Too funny!
    But, HEY, season one….they did threw a bunch of stuff against the wall!

    On abandoning Sam’s psychic abilities….I always wondered if they put that to the wayside because it would have made Sam somewhat more poerful than Dean and they didn’t want a power imbalance. And my second thought was that they might have decided that they really want the brothers to JUST be human and normal because it made the struggle more real and relatable.

    I thought it was an interesting power to have and explore for a little while but ultimately I am glad that they didn’t keep it around.