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      We meet Max in this one and start to get a tiny clue about what’s going on with Sam and his visions. I remember this one to be very effective and tragic. One of those (again) where they try but can’t save everyone. I’m looking forward to re-watching it as I haven’t see this one in a very long time.

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      I know I’m supposed to feel bad for Max, and I do. I just don’t feel as bad as I’m supposed to. We’re not supposed to become monsters trying to defeat or punish monsters. I understand Max’s rage about his father. If Max had killed his father during a beating, it would make more sense to me. But the murders were calculated and cold. And killing his stepmother was too far. Yes, she should have done something to protect her son, but did she deserve to die because she didn’t? Like Sam said, Max could’ve left. Even after Sam explained everything to him about how their mothers died the same way, and how they were both “chosen” for something due to their psychic abilities, Max still only wanted revenge. He was even willing to kill Dean simply for getting in the way of that revenge.

      I love that Dean was ready to charge out in the middle of the night on nothing but Sam’s hunch. I also love Dean trying to put on a brave face for Sam, when he’s truly afraid for Sam, since he doesn’t know if the psychic visions are doing him real harm.

      I love Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker as a writing team!!! I like the parallel they were trying to show us about what life could have been like for Dean and Sam if John wasn’t a stronger person. It sounds like Max’s beatings and his fathers’ drinking didn’t start until after Max’s mother died on the ceiling of Max’s nursery. For all we know, he was a loving father before then. Like Dean said, without hunting (and without John’s inner strength), John could easily have turned into an angry, abusive mess.

      I wonder why the show never showed us any more of Sam’s telekinetic powers. It’s like they wanted initially to go there, but abandoned it for some reason.

      Speaking of abandoning ideas, I’m glad they got rid of the weirdo infrared laser ghost hunting thingy. It looked too much like a cheap visual effect that got thrown in at the last minute but didn’t make sense.


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      HAHAHA, I agree, kate38!!!

      WHAT WAS THAT laser ghost detector thing?!?!? I actually laughed out loud watching it this time. It’s BULKY, it’s very “MacGyver” looking and WHAT in the world was it supposed to do?! Show evil energy? Ghosts? Too funny!
      But, HEY, season one….they did threw a bunch of stuff against the wall!

      On abandoning Sam’s psychic abilities….I always wondered if they put that to the wayside because it would have made Sam somewhat more poerful than Dean and they didn’t want a power imbalance. And my second thought was that they might have decided that they really want the brothers to JUST be human and normal because it made the struggle more real and relatable.

      I thought it was an interesting power to have and explore for a little while but ultimately I am glad that they didn’t keep it around.

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      On previous watchings of this episode I always felt “uncomfortable” with Max. For the same reasons you mention, kate38. I was supposed to feel bad, BUT to me he came across as a weak minded murderer.

      Only THIS time watching I felt incredibly SAD for him. He was, as a child, trapped in a horrible situation and I can understand that it somehow dealt a blow to his psyche and emotional state that he could not overcome even as an adult.
      YES, he could have left as an adult, but without some serious help and therapy he would have never been alright.
      THAT made me sad this time around.
      However, I still can’t condone any of his actions.

      The other parts of the episode I liked a lot.

      I thought Jared did really well at conveying Sam’s growing anxiety and confusion about his situation and condition. And Jensen did amazing at playing Dean’s put on nonchalance and confidence, when you could also plainly see that Dean was worried. Especially that very last scene where Dean makes a joke about going to Vegas next but then when Sam huffs and walks out Dean’s face changes to a deep concern….SO WELL ACTED!

      The back and forth between visions and reality were interesting and are still well done even though no longer surprising, of course. And I will ALWAYS be jarred to see Dean die. Even if it’s just a premonition.

      ONE qualm – When Dean says “You have one thing Max never had” it never made sense to me that the writers had Sam conclude he meant JOHN at that point! In my understanding of Sam’s character at that time Sam would have totally gotten Dean’s point and agreed. But….I know….good conflict.

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