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    March 9, 2021 at 12:46 pm #5767

    I liked this episode for even bringing up the subject of racial injustice and prejudice. I liked that it established that Dean has no one “type” of woman he likes…he’s equal opportunity. I loved getting an insight into Dean’s past – discovering it right along with Sam. I was surprised that on rewatch, I didn’t think Cassie’s acting was as good as I remembered, but I still liked her and the banter between Sam and Dean was priceless. There was a lot of Jared coming through in this one, but I liked it.

    Kate, you crack me up. Dean could be a serial killer and it would be hard to let go of someone that pretty. 🙂

    I always thought that was a particularly gruesome “dead makeup” job on the mayor who was run over by the truck. I liked it. It’s still gruesome by SPN standards. He looked run over!

    Good point, Kate, on abandoning the “hallowed ground” idea as the series progressed. That is one of my very favorite Sam and Dean moments though…when Dean can’t believe that Sam was just GUESSING that drawing the truck into the church yard would work! One of Dean’s best reaction moments ever.

    I really wish we had seen Cassie again too. She was busy being the medical examiner on CSI Miami for awhile, I think I recall. She seemed to have had too big a role in Dean’s life to never go back to! Like you said, Kate, the ONE PERSON he told their secret to. There was something special about her!

    Yes! Cassie’s mom was SO CONVINCING as an actress! The look she gives Sam and Dean when they ask why she didn’t just call the cops back in the 60’s when her husband killed a white man was PERFECT!

    The sex scene was nowhere near long enough and throughout the series, our chances to ogle Dean’s gorgeous body were too few and far between when compared to our chances to ogle Sam’s gorgeous body. Nicely choreographed sex scene though.

    Sensitive issue. So many sensitive issues in American history and I hate that. It’s REALITY. Glossing over it doesn’t fix anything. I hate that some seem to think that recognizing facts somehow diminishes this country. I think it makes it stronger IF the injustices can be righted. So far, that hasn’t happened.