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    March 14, 2021 at 3:44 pm #6122

    THIS ONE WAS TRULY SCARY to me as well because….MAN….those creepy freaks probably DO exist in reality whereas everything else can be seen as make belief.

    YES, humans are the most certainly capable of intense cruelty and callousness about the lives of their fellow humans. We see ourselves as so evolved, but then you just have to watch the news to know that’s a load of huey in many cases.

    One of the most intense scenes in this one is in the house when they force Dean to make a choice between Kathleen and Sam to be hunted next! Dean choosing Sam must have been SO SO hard, but understandable as he knows what Sam is capable off and that he had an excellent chance to escape or fight back. But when “Pa” pulls the rug out from under him telling his son to simply shoot Sam in the cage, you can FEEL the panic from Dean. GREAT scene.

    Everything inside the house really made my skin crawl. Why do people love to keep trophies? YUCK.

    GREAT set design, of course, both in the house and the barn.

    And – YES, kate38, WAY TOO SOON!!!!