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    March 16, 2021 at 11:16 am #6238

    This one had some fun elements. I used to watch those real ghost hunting shows so skewering them is easy and fun. Ghostfacers was much a much better episode in that vein…funny and so sad…but we haven’t gotten there yet.

    This is where we meet Harry and Ed. They are hilarious. Harry so reluctant and timid. Ed with all these illusions of grandeur. Ed is such a douchebag! And it’s fun to watch Sam and Dean “play dumb” with them about ghosts.

    The main idea behind this one is a great one…the tulpa in the internet age with the aggregated power of all the people online thinking something into existence…then changing the lore with new posts that they believe and it actually changes the lore. A cautionary tale of messing with things you don’t understand…like painting an ancient symbol that might actually summon something or start something in motion.

    There was a lot of “filler” here with people creeping around the basement of the house, looking at the canning jars, etc…but overall, I did like it. I forgot that the prank war between Sam and Dean was also part of this one! The final prank being the one they both played on Harry and Ed as they drove off to stardom based on a call from a producer that was actually Sam.

    After all of that research…the idea of changing the story so that iron rounds WOULD kill the ghost was a great idea! But then it didn’t work when Harry and Ed failed to post the changes and Dean ended up burning the house down which seemed overly-simple after all the trouble they went to to try to change the lore and kill the thing with iron rounds.

    But I guess Dean was working off the cuff there. True; if the thing is tied to the house and the house no longer exists, I guess it will work, but I agreed with Sam – what if someone posts in the lore that it CAN leave the house??? Dean didn’t really have an answer for that.