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    I’m SO with you, kate!! I love this one, too.

    The long awaited real family reunion. Seeing them actually work together on a case. It was as thrilling the first time around as it is on the um-teenth rewatch! And it was testosterone overload….lol.
    It really gives us the first more in-depth look into their head on family dynamic. That ONE scene on on the dark highway when Sam cuts John off in the Impala and they get right in each other’s faces duking it out tells us more about their history and current state of affairs than any long exposition would. I love that. I could feel for EACH of them in that scene. I feel Sam’s frustration over being shut out again, John’s anger over losing control of them in a way, Dean’s desperation to keep his family together and being forced to step between them – all clearly showing us what many fights in the Winchester “household” would have looked like And it’s all brilliantly written and acted and really gets under my skin each time watching it.

    I, too, love the college fund/amo scene in the cabin between John and Sam. I had high hopes that they were actually bonding in a real and maybe permanent way when we hear John admitting that he became more their drill sergeant than their dad along the way in the wake of Mary’s death, but then later he goes right back to giving the boys orders.

    I also loved that in this episode Dean finally makes a first real step to standing up to John by calling him out on his crap and not just following orders blindly. It was like Dean took the words out of my brain. John had no issue sending them off on dangerous hunts alone all this time, but now he basically tells them that they are in his way again. I do get John’s counter argument that he can’t watch his boys die, BUT sending your boys on hunts alone could get them dead too….so it’s ok as long as you don’t have to WATCH? NOPE, John….that’s BS and weakly argued. You can’t have it both ways. You trained them to be killers, hunters, soldiers, smart and resourceful….now trust YOUR training them and let them participate.

    Sorry, rant over. I loved that there was so much unpacked in this episode and by the end they are all in a better – more cohesive place for it.

    I completely agree with the plot hole! HAHA, it was practically a fishnet stocking. But we forgive them.

    I do love that they introduced (and stuck with all these years) the dead man’s blood lore!!! That was a cool idea and unique in vampire lore as far as I know.

    Jared plays the choking, suffocating victim well! They love putting Sam in that position, huh?

    LOVED the special effects of the first ever COLT bullet used! The skeleton shining through the skin, the flickering and the shadow being pulled out of the vamp! Nice and dramatic. Shame they didn’t keep that.