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    May 1, 2021 at 8:49 pm #7593

    This episode has always made me wonder exactly when John knew the details of Azazel’s plans for Sam. If John knew he’d need the Colt, then he must’ve known about Azazel’s power level and what it would take to kill him, I think. So he must’ve known the full plan – especially since it seems like only a small amount of time passed between this episode and Salvation/Devil’s Trap. And when John sees Azazel in “In My Time of Dying”, he admits that he’s known about the demon’s plan “for a while”. Unless he was lying, I’m pretty sure he knew when this episode took place.

    WOW – interesting, kate. I NEVER had that thought at this point. How do you think John would have found out about the details? Maybe I just never really thought about (shame on me) WHY/HOW John knew that Sam had the potential of turning into something that Dean might have to kill. IF John knew here already what was to come it would make extra sense, of course, that he would like to keep the boys out of the fight and out of direct line of sight of Azazael. On the other side something as powerful as YE probably couldn’t be kept from Sam, if that’s who he needed to fulfill his plan, no matter what John did.

    It’s a very plausible argument that John might have known here already….

    Thanks for pointing that out, Kate.